ACN Montana: How to Leverage the Favorable Resolution

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In August 2010, the Montana Insurance Commissioner’s Office filed an action alleging that ACN Inc. was in violation of the code that regulates multi-level distribution companies in Montana. In the course of the Commissioner’s Office’s investigation, the Commissioner concluded that the allegations stemming from a complaint were not part of the ACN business model, but were taking place through the actions of specific ACN Independent Representatives working in Montana. More specifically, certain individuals were not following the policies, procedures, and training given to them from A C N. If they had followed the policies outlined as part of their ACN Independent Representative agreement, then the whole action would have never occurred.

The Montana Commissioner and ACN agreed that ACN will implement additional training with its independent representatives, to assist them in better understanding their responsibilities as ACN Independent Representatives, and contact its Montana video phone customers to assist them with installation of their service and continued technical assistance. These efforts will help protect Montana citizens from joining ACN under false pretenses. Additionally, ACN is conducting an investigation to determine the identity of the individuals whose actions led to the initial complaint. Both the Commissioner and ACN are pleased with this positive outcome, and the Commissioner’s efforts to protect Montana residents.

Here are some takeaways from this positive development:

If you are considering a Network Marketing Opportunity?

You can take comfort in knowing that the state of Montana has one of the toughest state-level governments in the country when it comes to monitoring and regulating network marketing companies doing business within its borders. Montana has specific laws on its books to regulate multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses and requires any MLM business to register with the state before beginning operations in Montana. That being said, ACN business model was thoroughly reviewed and found to be a legitimate business and network marketing opportunity.

If you are interested in the ACN opportunity and live in Montana?

You need to join up with a leadership team of ACN Independent Representatives that are following the policies and procedures correctly and with integrity so that you are properly trained. The other positive is that by joining a team that has momentum and growing, you have a higher probability for success in your own endeavors.

If you are involved with Fortune Hightech Marketing (FHTM) and live in Montana?

Unfortunately, the good news from the Montana investigation of ACN makes FHTM look worse. FHTM agreed to settle with the state and pay fines, refund money, and change their business model in Montana. The official press release from the state indicates that FHTM business practices were unprofessional when it came to recruiting, training, and record keeping. Since ACN and FHTM business opportunities are frequently compared, this news may be a disadvantage for any FHTM representative to recruit new prospects when ACN offers a legitimate business model, professional training, and offers more products and services in high growth markets.

In summary, ACN successfully defended its business model in the state of Montana. The company is the world’s largest direct seller of essential home services in the trillion dollar telecommunications market. The company provides a business opportunity that has helped many individuals build successful home-based businesses of their own. ACN offers consumers in the USA and 20 other countries a better option for the essential home services they already use daily. Please be aware that any mentions of “success” above is for illustrative purposes only and are not meant to imply that success is typical. Success as an ACN Independent Representative is not guaranteed, but rather influenced by an individual’s specific efforts. Not all Independent Representatives make a profit and no person can be guaranteed success as an ACN Independent Representative.

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